GA 5-22 MED Air Compressor Series

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With patients' lives, workplace hygiene and health & safety paramount, the choice is easily made. Eliminate the risk of oil exposure to the medical gas pipelines.

Atlas Copco leads the market in oil-free technology, and as Scotland's premier distributor, we specialise in air compression engineering, making BRE the go to choice. See our comprehensive range of oil-free medical air compressors that can be set up and designed specifically to comply with your medical requirements and regulations.

Zero oil risk

All Atlas Copco oil-free medical air compressors are ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified, making certain that there is absolutely no risk to patients. 


With water cooling capabilities, Atlas Copco oil-free compressors ensure that heat generated is removed efficiently from the source, increasing air per Kw of power. 

High Pressure

AQ-MED compressors generate the highest pressure output out of all oil-free products, up to 13 bar.

Energy Efficient

Save up to 35% energy with an installed VSD AQ-MED Compressor. 


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GA 5-22 MED Guide


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GA 5-22 MED Air Compressor Series