G 110-250 Series

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Atlas Copco Air Compressors

Atlas Copco are well renowned for their highly robust designs to suit any environment. The G 110-250 series of air compressors are built to this tradition and can operate in the harshest environments with ease. 

These exceedingly versatile compressors are perfect for any industrial environment and can handle dust prone workplaces without hassle.  

Cement Industry

  • Compressed air is required for a variety of applications here, although with the highly reliable G 110-250 series, keep your production lines up and running throughout the day. 


Mining Industry 

  • Just as it is in the cement industry, high quality compressed air is a vital component in mining and equally as important that you have a machine from a company you can trust! Atlas Copco have a long and successful history of designing air compressors for these exact purposes and won't let you down. 


Power Plants

  • In the power industry, continuous productivity is of great importance. That's why you should look no further than this range of air compressor. The G 110-250 and G 160 VSD compressors provide high quality, pure and constant compressed air for applications such as silt blowing and fly ash handling.



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