Atlas Copco GA90+ - 160VSD Series

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Atlas Copco Air Compressors

The GA90+ - 160 VSD series of Atlas Copco air compressors provide a continuous supply of high quality compressed air even in the harshest environments.

At a low operating cost, these oil-injected compressors will live a long and trouble free life. In the unlikely case of a breakdown, we at BRE are expertly trained to keep your machine working perfectly all year round. 

Many industries such as, metal, mining, power, and general industry, require compressed air for a large variety of activities. With an Atlas Copco air compressor, you can produce a continuous supply designed to meet your specific requirements. 

Why choose VSD?

Throughout all industries, compressed air requirements fluctuates depending on different factors.

Comprehensive research has shown that compressed air demand profiles that many compressors have substantial variations in air demand. Only 8% (profile 3) of all installations have a more stable air demand. Tests prove that, even in this case, VSD compressors save energy.

VSD Technology automatically adjusts the motor speed according to the air demand, resulting in energy savings of up to 35%. Furthermore, the lifecycle cost of a compressor can be slashed up to 22%. More than 70% of the air compressors lifecycle cost is taken up by energy consumption alone. 



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GA90+ - 160VSD Series Guide


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