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Professional Fixed Speed Air Compressor

Atlas Copco's G Range air compressor provides a more energy-efficient solution than a standard workshop piston air compressor.

Its new state-of-the-art air element gives the compressor additional capacity and together with its IE3 Efficiency motor provides more air with less energy consumption. 

The G Range comes as standard with an Elektronikon Base controller to give you greater monitoring and ease of use. The base controller allows intuitive setting changes and offers real-time information on service requirements and faults.

Available tank or floor mounted, Atlas Copco's G compressor can also come with an integral refrigerant air dryer or as a stand-alone compressor package. 


Model Power (kW) Pressure (bar) Capacity (l/s) Noise (dB) Drive Variable Speed Controller
G22.286.161BeltNoBase Controller
 2.2104.961BeltNoBase Controller
G3387.961BeltNoBase Controller
 3106.161BeltNoBase Controller
G4481062BeltNoBase Controller
 4108.662BeltNoBase Controller
G55.5814.865BeltNoBase Controller
 5.5101365BeltNoBase Controller
G77.5817.767BeltNoBase Controller
 7.51016.467BeltNoBase Controller
G11117.52967BeltNoBase Controller
 11102467BeltNoBase Controller
 11131967BeltNoBase Controller
G15157.53267BeltNoBase Controller
 15102967BeltNoBase Controller
 15132367BeltNoBase Controller
G15L157.542.567BeltNoBase Controller
 151038.567BeltNoBase Controller
 151331.267BeltNoBase Controller
G1818.57.552.169BeltNoBase Controller
 18.51045.469BeltNoBase Controller
 18.51338.569BeltNoBase Controller
G22221054.170BeltNoBase Controller
 227.56270BeltNoBase Controller
 221346.470BeltNoBase Controller

Options: Tank Mounted | Floor Mounted | Integral Dryer | Tank Zero Loss Condensate Drain | Food Grade Oil



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