Automan AF Oil-lubricated Compressors

About & Specification

AF series oil-lubricated compressors are designed for mobility and ease of use. The compressor block is manufactured from high-grade
aluminium alloy – a material also used in high-performance car engines. Its excellent heat transfer capability and high tensile strength
makes it especially suitable in a compressor because of its high performance/low weight ratio.

The Automan range is supported by service kits that come complete with all necessary parts for each specific service intervention. Our range of Automan AF/AC piston compressors offers a compact, versatile and reliable source of compressed air when you need a small amount of compressed air for a variety of applications.

Check out the AC Oil-lubricated air compressors. For an oil-free alternative, check the AH direct drive compressor.


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Automan AF Oil-lubricated Compressors