BRE awarded the ISO 14001:2015 environmental accreditation. Learn the reasons why this certificate is so significant.

BRE, Scotland's compressed air specialists, has been awarded the ISO 14001:2015 accreditation for its commitment to the environment and maintaining an effective environmental management system.

As one of the first compressed air service companies in Scotland with ISO 14001, we carry this commitment to every single servicing job across the nation. BRE is proud to have joined the 300,000+ companies worldwide to help reduce energy consumption, wastage, and promote a climate conscious culture. 

By receiving this accreditation it highlights the hard work done by all members of BRE and the recognition of our individual efforts to protect the environment. As a company we have always taken our responsibility towards the environment seriously and are very proud of this achievement.

ISO 14001 joins our current ISO 9005:2015 quality management system. Click the links below to view our certificates: ISO 14001:2015ISO 9001:2015

Reducing Your Energy Consumption

One of the key components in the struggle against climate change is the reduction of our energy consumption. It can be hard finding areas of your business to cut down, and industrial air machines can be quite demanding. In fact, energy consumption amounts to almost 80% of the life cycle cost of an air compressor! But we have a solution...

Together with Atlas Copco, who also have this accreditation, BRE can help you reduce your carbon footprint and save costs while doing so. This is done through the use of VSD (Variable Speed Drive) air compressors that are specifically designed for energy efficiency. VSD works by automatically adjusting the compressors motor speed to meet the required air demand instead of running a continuous flow. By making the switch to a VSD air compressor you could achieve up to 50% energy savings!



 How much could you save? 

If you're a business with compressed air needs and are looking to cut down on your own energy consumption, give BRE a call and we can arrange a FREE airCHECK inspection. You will receive a comprehensive and detailed report of your air system and our recommendations on where it could be improved. 


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