Atlas Copco Turbo Blowers – ZB

Atlas Copco Turbo Blowers  – What makes our ZB 5-6 VSD+ so suited for a variety of low pressure applications?

All of the components of our new ZB turbo blowers series are selected with the same goal in mind: offering you a reliable, highly efficient and continuous operation in all kind of applications and many different industry segments such as aeration in wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying and flue gas desulphurization. Moreover, our ZB 5-6 VSD+ turbo blowers are Class Zero certified, meaning no oil is added during the compression process and thus provides you with 100% oil-free compressed air when the atmosphere doesn’t contain any oil particles, which helps to safeguard the quality of your end product, making the new ZB series ideal for application in the food and beverage industry .

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