SmartLink – Remote Monitoring for Air Compressors

SmartLink is Atlas Copco’s remote monitoring system which will protect your production lines and maximise your uptime.

SmartLink works proactively to identify developing problems and will give you advance warning about any issues before the damage is done, avoiding costly breakdowns and unnecessary downtime.

Knowing the status of your compressed air equipment at all times is the best way to spot any developing problems, uncover potential energy savings and achieve maximum uptime of your compressors and your production lines.

Once installed SmartLink gathers, compares and analyses data from your compressor, reporting on inefficiencies and allowing you to make accurate and immediate improvements to optimise production with potential to save energy and money.


Five ways your business will benefit from using SmartLink

  1. You’ll benefit from proactive monitoring that is truly 24/7 enabling you to get engineers on site before any problems cause damage.
  2. You can proactively prevent any unnecessary downtime, keeping production running smoothly.
  3. You only need to enable remote access to your compressors’ data, without having to even be in the room to benefit from the latest information.
  4. You can optimise efficiency and energy usage.
  5. You will save money.

Get SmartLink for your Air Compressors!

There are three levels of SmartLink, allowing you to determine the exact amount of information you receive.

  • SmartLink Service: Access your online service log book with a mouse-click and get quotes for parts and additional service quickly and easily.
  • SmartLink Uptime: Receive an email or text message whenever a warning requires your attention.
  • SmartLink Energy: Get customised reports on the energy efficiency of your compressor room, in compliance with ISO 50001.

Contact BRE today to learn how SmartLink will benefit your business and save you money.