Technological Advances make the Dual Speed Compressor from Atlas Copco a real Game Changer

It’s not every day you see the seemingly impossible become a reality. But with the introduction of dual-speed compression technology, Atlas Copco’s GA FLX is a true game changer for the compressed air industry.

Unlike traditional fixed-speed compressors, the GA FLX can modulate down to a minimum motor speed during unload. It can also start under pressure. The result: double-digit energy savings.

In addition, the GA FLX delivers optimal flow at any pressure setting for a truly versatile performance.

Bob Roberson, Managing Director of BRE, who has almost four decades of experience in installing Atlas Copco systems as Atlas Copco’s only Premier Distributor of Industrial Air Products in Scotland, attended the launch of the new compressor. He commented:

“The GA FLX dual-speed compressor is really something exceptionally innovative that will change the compressed air industry forever. What we thought was not possible has just been made very much a reality by Atlas Copco and, having worked with them for almost four decades, this is very much the industry leading innovation and vision I have come to expect from them.

“Even better news is that you will be able turn your GA FLX into a VSD machine at literally just a click of a button, saving up to 50% on your energy costs. Atlas Copco have really tuned into the needs of businesses and delivered something truly world class.

“Because more than 80% of the cost of owning and operating an air compressor is related to the energy it uses, reducing energy consumption is the top priority. Increasing your 20% dual-speed energy savings to 50% with VSD will make a huge difference to bottom lines and also contribute significantly towards meeting sustainability goals. It’s a win-win, no matter which way you look at it.”

How will a GA FLX save you Money?

As a dual-speed compressor, a GA FLX will give you up to 20% energy savings and performance improvements compared to traditional fixed-speed models. A Variable Speed Drive (VSD) air compressor is always the optimal solution, but with the GA FLX you can turn your compressor into a VSD machine and save up to 50% on your energy consumption immediately.

After 1000 Hours: You’ll get an automatic energy consumption analysis. This will come through on your Elektronikon controller and via SMARTLINK and include a calculation of how much you can save by switching to VSD based on your actual operation of your dual-speed GA FLX.

One Click Later: You’ll be upgraded to a Variable Speed Drive. When you know what the savings will be and are ready to upgrade from dual-speed to full VSD functionality, you simply sign up for a license by using the QR code on the Elektronikon display or the contact button in SMARTLINK. Atlas Copco will execute the VSD upgrade for you on your GA FLX fully remotely without the requirement for an on-site visit by a technician.

Sit Back and Enjoy the Savings: Of up to 50% off energy consumption costs. Because VSD technology matches the motor speed of your GA FLX to your air demand, you virtually eliminate transient and unload losses. Your result: up to 50% energy savings and a considerably reduced total cost of ownership.

Bob commented:

“The first thing to do, if you’re not sure how a dual-speed compressor would make a difference to your business, is to speak to one our experts. Based in Scotland, you can contact them on 08000 565 929 or email us at and we’ll happily come out in person to review your current setup, listen to how your business operates and what its needs are, then recommend the compressor in the GA FLX range that will best suit your specific needs.”

You can read the latest product information on our brand new website here.