Air Compressor Services in Scotland

If you are looking for specialist air compressor services in Scotland, BRE UK, established in 1985, prides itself on its compressed air expertise, helping businesses improve their operations, reduce costs and achieve energy savings.

From our head office in Dundee, we support a wide range of industries across Scotland.

Offering technical advice and consultations, conducting maintenance and repairs, creating bespoke service packages, and undertaking full compressed air system and pipe-work installations, we offer our customers the full range of compressed air services, tailored exactly to your individual requirements.

As the longest serving Scottish Premier Distributor of the Atlas Copco Industrial Air Range of Equipment we offer full manufacturer support for Air Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, O2 and N2 Generation Equipment, Chicago Pneumatic and Desoutter Tooling and Air Motors.

We can supply you with the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry, at competitive prices and, with energy costs continually rising, one of our key missions is to help air compressor users in Scotland to reduce their energy usage and costs.

Atlas Copco Service Technician - Commercial

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Atlas Copco Air Compressors


BRE offers the full range of Atlas Copco Industrial Air and Chicago Pneumatics to our customers in Scotland.

What’s more, as Atlas Copco’s longest serving Premier Distributor in Scotland, you won’t find a team with more experience and insight into compressed air solutions in the country than BRE UK.

Atlas Copco’s Premier Distributors are specially selected as the best local compressed air supplier in Scotland and are been factory-trained by Atlas Copco to the highest standards. Atlas Copco’s selection criteria is rigorous, and not everyone passes the grade, so choosing to work with a Premier Distrubutor means you are guaranteed the full support and expertise that you would expect from a world leader.

Remember, BRE’s experts are only a quick phone call away on 0330 021 8062 if you need more information.

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Air Compressor Parts and Maintenance


BRE offers an end to end service solution to its customers for compressed air services in Scotland including maintenance, service plans, repair and parts servicing, the Atlas Copco Guardian Service and Smartlink remote monitoring solutions.

In order to keep your compressed air equipment working effectively and efficiently, it is vitally important that it is serviced regularly by qualified engineers. To ensure our valued customers in Scotland are kept operating effectively, we’ve designed a range of structured service plans that can be tailored exactly to your needs.

Our regular planned maintenance system ensures you can relax. Whether you need a one-off service, or would prefer to commit to a long-term maintenance plan, BRE has a solution for you to keep the compressed air systems for our customers in Scotland working at full capacity.

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