ZB 5-6 (VSD+) Turbo Blowers

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What makes our ZB 5-6 VSD+ so suited for a variety of low pressure applications?
All of the components in the new ZB turbo blower series are selected with the same goal in mind: offering you a reliable, highly efficient and continuous operation in all kinds of applications and many different industry segments, such as aeration in wastewater treatment, pneumatic conveying and flue gas desulphurization. Moreover, the ZB 5-6 VSD+ turbo blowers are Class Zero certified, meaning no oil is added during the compression process and thus provides you with 100% oil-free compressed air when the atmosphere doesn't contain any oil particles, which helps to safeguard the quality of your end product, making the new ZB series ideal for application in the food and beverage industry. 


Atlas Copco’s new generation of oil-free turbo blowers helps you to reduce your electricity cost by limiting pressure drops and temperature rise to a minimal. The minimal rise in temperature is achieved by maintaining the air intake temperature to a minimum and inducing as few resistance as possible to the air passing through each component of the process air path, resulting in an equal temperature of the ambient air and the intake air. Thanks to decades of innovation of our rotating equipment design and the development of the most advanced calculators, we are able to offer you an optimal air flow, helping you to save even more on energy costs.

Minimized temperature also means maximized lifetime: our critical components, such as the Permanent Magnet Motors and drives are cooled by using an internal water circuit so that they operate at their best efficiency, regardless of the ambient conditions.

With the newest generation of blowers, Atlas Copco is launching a technology that doesn't require any power bank in case of power failure, making the ZB 5-6 VSD+ the most straight forward magnetic bearing blower ever made.


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