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Setting up pipework is no longer a time consuming hassle with AIRnet pipework systems. Set up exactly what you need with ease and no need for any heavy duty tools or extra manpower! No welding, gluing or crimping is necessary, and all you require is some simple tools.

High Quality piping

AIRnet piping systems use aluminium and polymers that are highly durable materials perfect for compressed air as well as for vacuum and nitrogen gas. This ensures the system is resistant to corrosion, mechanical shocks, thermal variations and outdoor environments. 

A Cost Effective Solution

Installs up to 85% faster than traditional piping systems and only requires one engineer. Later, if you want to add an extension to the system, it's just as fast!

AIRnet systems also offer minimal pressure drop, being more energy efficient. 

Furthermore, AIRnet piping systems are leak-resistant and corrosion-free pipes and fittings prevent downtime and ensure high efficiency



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