Choosing the right Air Compressor Monitoring Systems for your Business

Compressors are an essential piece of equipment for many industrial operations. The average compressor is noisy and emits exhaust heat, meaning compressor rooms are often the last place you want to be in a factory. This is precisely why an air compressor monitoring system is so important. And choosing the right air compressor monitoring system is essential.

An air compressor monitoring system lets you keep an eye on your compressed air system without needing to be physically present. This has a range of different benefits. Firstly you can monitor the performance of your compressor continuously instead of occasionally stopping by in your compressor room to check the readings. The data will always be at your fingertips.

However the right air compressor monitoring system does much more. It can visualize the data in a manner that makes it easier to optimise compressor performance, increasing the efficiency of the compressed air system, helping you to reduce carbon emissions and save money on energy costs.

Remote monitoring also enhances the compressor’s reliability by identifying potential problems before they occur. This kind of analysis is not something you could do by simply checking on your equipment in a compressor room.

There are two types of Atlas Copco systems to choose from, each with distinct benefits:

  1. The Cloud-Based System: SMARTLINK. The Atlas Copco SMARTLINK really lives up to its name, enabling you to check in on your compressor and its performance from anywhere you have access to either a smartphone, PC or a tablet!
  2. The LAN-Based System: SMARTVIEW. The Atlas Copco SMARTVIEW is a monitoring system that uses a local area network connected to a central controller.  This can greatly enhance the efficiency of the compressed air system from your on-site desktop.

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