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How Oxygen Generators are changing Scotland’s Manufacturing Landscape

When it comes to oxygen generation capabilities in Scotland, and one of Scotland’s longest serving Premier Distributor of Atlas Copco Industrial Air products, BRE is uniquely placed to advise. We spoke to Managing Director, Bob Robertson, about how the latest oxygen generators from Atlas Copco are making a difference. Here’s what he had to say: […]

A new centralised vacuum system is a game changer for BRE’s client

A long-standing Fife based compressed air customer of BRE, Scotland’s longest serving Premier Distributor of Atlas Copco Industrial Air products, recently contacted us with a desire to increase production and streamline the vacuum system used in their specialised service to the semi-conductor industry, with a view to making their operations more energy and cost efficient. […]

Technological Advances make the Dual Speed Compressor from Atlas Copco a real Game Changer

It’s not every day you see the seemingly impossible become a reality. But with the introduction of dual-speed compression technology, Atlas Copco’s GA FLX is a true game changer for the compressed air industry. Unlike traditional fixed-speed compressors, the GA FLX can modulate down to a minimum motor speed during unload. It can also start under pressure. […]

Scottish businesses build resilience with in-house nitrogen generation capabilities

Nitrogen Generator Scotland Industrial Gases

There’s no doubt about it, operational resilience is a primary concern for many of Scotland’s businesses operating in the modern economy. Over the last few years businesses have experienced a range of market supply and demand challenges, with shortages of natural gas supplies, in one way or another, taking centre stage. If your business uses […]

Industrial chillers can offer significant cost savings

Industrial chillers play a vital role in the manufacturing industry, as they help keep production equipment cool, especially situations in which production downtime – due to excess heat – is not an option. It is important that careful consideration is given to choosing the right industrial chiller system for your business, ensuring its effectiveness and […]

Atlas Copco publishes E-Book to Identify Energy Cost Savings for Air Compressors

In Atlas Copco’s latest e-book release you will learn the many different ways to reduce the cost of compressing air – and there are many of them. There is a potential for savings every step of the way; from buying your compressor to operating it and choosing your compressed air partner. These savings will not only give you a […]

BRE Celebrates 20 Years of BCAS Membership

Compressed air specialists, BRE Ltd, has celebrated a milestone achievement of 20 years as a member of the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS). The Dundee headquartered company, which was established in 1985 by Managing Director Bob Robertson, collected a continuous membership award to mark this achievement, at the recent BCAS spring conference for members in […]

New Pumps Offer Multiple Benefits with Connectivity and Control

The new GHS 3800-5400 VSD+ industry 4.0 oil-sealed screw vacuum pumps with HEX@™ offer next generation connectivity with low lifecycle costs, potentially saving up to 50% or more in energy costs. The new, game changing series is a range of connected, intelligent, oil sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps with Variable Speed Drive (VSD) technology, designed […]