Scottish businesses build resilience with in-house nitrogen generation capabilities

Nitrogen Generator Scotland Industrial Gases

There’s no doubt about it, operational resilience is a primary concern for many of Scotland’s businesses operating in the modern economy.

Over the last few years businesses have experienced a range of market supply and demand challenges, with shortages of natural gas supplies, in one way or another, taking centre stage.

If your business uses Nitrogen, for instance, you will know it’s critically important to have a reliable and cost-effective supply of Nitrogen gas.

Used in a range of different applications from the soldering of electronics, to the production of pharmaceuticals, to bottling, the requirement for Nitrogen gas is very much part of business as usual for many Scottish businesses.

BRE is Atlas Copco’s only Premier Distributor in Scotland and we have helped many of our clients to generate Nitrogen gas that is not only 10 times cheaper than the comparable volume of bottled gas, but is around half the price of bulk tanks and liquid nitrogen.

With operational cost savings not to be sniffed at, Atlas Copco’s game-changing range of Nitrogen Generators have options for businesses of all shapes and sizes that will deliver an unlimited supply of the natural gas, reduce overheads and pay for itself as a return on capital investment within a relatively short time frame.

Will a Nitrogen Generator save you Money?

Atlas Copco’s Nitrogen Generators use compressed air to create the gas required, precisely when you need it, and not a moment before. If you have a compressed air installation on site which produces dry, filtered air, you can potentially switch to on-site generation of Nitrogen.

The benefits of doing so are immediate and significant: the cost of generating Nitrogen in this way is around £0.06 per cubic metre. By comparison, bulk tanks or liquid nitrogen cost around £0.13 per cubic metre and bottled gas around £0.61 per cubic metre.

You don’t even need to know how much gas you use in order to find out whether BRE can save you money, our expert engineers can calculate this for you.

Too small to make a difference?

The new Atlas Copco NGM series of high-performance membrane generators is ideal for applications which use small volumes of nitrogen, or don’t require a constant supply. Small is, indeed, beautiful when it comes to Nitrogen generators.

For those sites that need larger volumes of gas, Atlas Copco’s NGP series offers industry-leading efficiency built for durability and with a small footprint, meaning that your nitrogen generator also need not take up much space on your shop floor.

Bob Roberson, Managing Director of BRE, who has almost four decades of experience in installing Atlas Copco systems, commented:

“The latest nitrogen generators developed by Atlas Copco are really revolutionary. They put the power back into the hands of the business to generate exactly what they need, rather than rely on the volatile and much pricier supplies from the bottled nitrogen market.

“In some businesses, nitrogen generation has literally been a game changer, even replacing processes that previously relied on Carbon Dioxide (CO2). Take the beer industry, for instance. Famous for its bubbles, many producers started the switch to nitrogen generators last year as the CO2 shortages took hold. The foam generated by nitrogen bubbles is thicker and longer lasting which is ideal for heavier brews like stouts and ales.

“The cost savings for a business can also be significant. In a case study on Atlas Copco’s website, which is well worth a read, Whitewater Brewery saved around £35,000 per annum just by making the switch to a nitrogen generator, which simultaneously contributed to a reduction in their carbon emissions.

“But it’s not just beer production where a nitrogen generator will make a difference. Pharmaceutical production, chemical laboratories such as those found in universities and clinical settings, or the electronics industry – which is a particularly prominent industry in Scotland’s central belt – all can benefit from having an on-site nitrogen generator.”

“The first thing to do, if you’re not sure how a nitrogen generator would make a difference to your business, is to speak to one our experts. Based in Scotland, you can contact them on 0800 056 5929 or email us at and we’ll happily come out in person to review your current setup, listen to how your business operates and what its needs are, then recommend the nitrogen generator that will best suit your specific needs.”

You can read the latest e-book from Atlas Copco on Nitrogen Generators here.