A new centralised vacuum system is a game changer for BRE’s client

A long-standing Fife based compressed air customer of BRE, Scotland’s longest serving Premier Distributor of Atlas Copco Industrial Air products, recently contacted us with a desire to increase production and streamline the vacuum system used in their specialised service to the semi-conductor industry, with a view to making their operations more energy and cost efficient.

Their current system included six machines, all with dedicated vacuum pumps, which were noisy, collectively oversized and in a relatively confined working space, and which generated an uncomfortable amount of heat in the summer. There was also concern regarding the contamination from dust particulates being exhausted into the surrounding air.

BRE UK’s Solution? An efficient, adaptable vacuum source – The GHS585 VSD vacuum pump

Drawing on our expertise gained from almost four decades in the compressed air industry in Scotland, BRE UK proposed a completely new centralised vacuum system with one main pump located remotely and an overhead ring main pipework system.

We believed this would give connection flexibility anywhere in the work area, while being clean, tidy, and unobtrusive. We also considered the varying pressure required at each machine, as well as differing flow rates in the selection of the vacuum pump. With everything taken into consideration, BRE UK proposed a GHS585 VSD vacuum pump to provide the customer with an efficient, adaptable vacuum source along with local vacuum regulators to ensure consistent pressure was achieved.

Pipework was specified using Atlas Copco’s AIRnet aluminium system, complete in grey to differentiate it from other piped services. Each connection point in the roof space terminated with a ball valve for ease of isolation.

Will it save the customer energy?

To respond to the customer’s request to include energy saving measures, we ensured the pump exhaust was directed into ducting which can be switched between external venting and the main work area in winter. By doing so, it simultaneously makes use of the ample heat generated by the vacuum pumps and saves on gas bills.

Bob Robertson, Managing Director of BRE, who has almost four decades of experience in installing Atlas Copco systems, commented:

“We’re delighted to say that, upon completion and installation of their new machines, our customer was very pleased with the vast improvement in comfort for personnel and the knowledge that energy consumption would be reduced by Atlas Copco VSD technology tracking the vacuum demand accurately and efficiently.

“BRE is best known in Scotland as a leading provider of Atlas Copco compressed air services, including vacuum solutions from Atlas Copco’s wide range of pumps and ancillaries.

“If your business is experiencing a similar challenges, and you are looking for a more efficient and cost-effective solution, please speak to one of our experts who can advise you. Based in Scotland, you can contact us on 08000 565 929 or email us at info@breuk.com and we’ll happily come out in person to review your current set up, listen to how your business operates and what its needs are. Our expert team will then make a recommendation that will best suit your specific needs.”