How technology can help you choose your next Compressor

The world is changing all the time and businesses have to change with it.

Higher energy prices, government mandates, added capacities – all of these factors, and many more, play a role in whether it is time to replace your current compressor with a more efficient model.

But when the time comes, how do you know which compressor will work best for you?

iiTrak is a tool from Atlas Copco that measures the air demand and energy consumption of your existing compressor. The data gathered is then compiled in a comprehensive report tailored specifically to your operations, your requirements, and your priorities.

That report includes recommendations on how you can save energy (and reduce costs), reduce your environmental footprint, and which compressor would be the ideal fit for you.

Efficient production processes not only save you money but ensures that you continue to comply with increasingly stringent government regulations.

Thanks to iiTrak, BRE can tell you which size and model of compressor can save you the most money, allowing you to accurately calculate how long it will take for your investment to pay off.

To see if you would benefit from replacing your old compressor, give one of BRE’s specialists a call on 0800 056 59 29 or email