Versatile Vacuum Pumps

With energy efficiency top of the mind, the cost of doing business has never been more relevant. With the Atlas Copco GHS VSD+ set-point control features can lead to significant energy savings – allowing you to optimize the energy you use to maintain your process vacuum level. Suitable for a range of applications in various industries, the capacity range of Atlas Copco’s range of vacuum pumps means they are ideal for both central systems and larger installations.

We had a chat with our expert team at BRE, who have been installing Atlas Copco systems since 1985, to find out why it’s been top of their list for installations this year.

Bob Robertson, Managing Director of BRE commented:

“The GHS VSD+ Series is a range of new-generation, intelligent, oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps with VSD (Variable Speed Drive) technology which, as a long-established authorised Atlas Copco Distributor in Scotland, we have been successfully installing for BRE’s range of clients since it first launched.

“These new vacuum pumps offer customers superior performance against benchmarked oil-sealed and dry vane vacuum pump technologies. These state-of-the-art screw technology pumps combine with the Variable Speed Drive and innovative motor design to produce a real leap forward in efficiency for operators.”

Clients of BRE have found these oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pumps suitable for:

  • Holding, lifting and moving applications including pick and place, general packaging and woodworking.
  • Forming and shaping applications including plastic manufacturing, packaging materials, and glass production.
  • Preserving applications including meat packaging, poultry packaging, gas flushing and canning.
  • Humid applications including salad cooling, roof tile and brick manufacturing and pipeline drying.
  • Clean environment applications including heat treatment, altitude simulation, evacuation duties and coatings.

Download the information booklet on GHS 350-1900 VSD+ series here

For more information or to speak to one of BRE’s specialists call us on 0800 056 59 29 or email