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Lobe Blowers

ZL (VSD) lobe blowers: solutions that are cost-effective and reliable. 


A Solution that provides high quality oil-free air: Factors such as ambient temperature and altitude are not an issue with the ZL (VSD) range. With systems in place to ensure a trouble-free life cycle. If your current machine is ending is life soon or you simply want to see how much you could save, we have solutions for you! 

The positive displacement principle of the ZL tri-lobe blower has proven itself already for many years within tons of low pressure applications, such as pneumatic transport, wastewater treatment, and in chemical applications as a very reliable and stable technology for round the clock operation in the harshest environments. 

ZL is available in a variety of configurable models. The customer can choose between a purely mechanical unit using dial gauges for pressure reading or the high-end solution with integrated VSD inverter and Elektronikon® controller.



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